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Stiga Aero 132e Battery Hover kit

Stiga Aero 132e Battery Hover kit

SKU: Aero 132e kit

Aero 132e Kit

Cordless lawn mower


Mow small and simple lawns quickly and effortlessly with STIGA Aero – a cordless mower that rides on air.


Its STIGA patented design uses aeronautical technology to optimise battery life and cutting performance.


Light yet strong, it’s easy to manoeuvre on slopes. And it’s so small, it can hang on a wall when finished.


A cordless mower that hovers
Hassle-free – mowing up to 100sqm on one charge
Efficient – Patented deck design improves runtime and performance
True performance – New blade design by STIGA and powerful 750W motor
5-year warranty (T&C's Apply)
Easy to store – hangs from a wall or folds away neatly



General info










Battery capacity

2 x 4 Ah




0.75 kW

Power source

Lithium-ion battery


20 Volt

Battery kit


Lithium battery nominal energy

144 Wh

Number of batteries


Suggested working area

100 ㎡

Cutting system

Cutting width

30 cm

Deck material


Drive system




Handlebar type

Ergonomic with double hand switch and cam locks + soft grip


No wheels

Tools kit

Battery charger

Dual standard

Battery charger plug type

BS (Type G)

Vibration and noise data

Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) - dB(A)


Measured sound power level dB(A)


Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A)


Vibration level hand (m/s2)


Overall dimensions

Pack weight

10.5 kg

Product length

1058 mm

Product width

420 mm

Product height

1038 mm


7 kg


Getting tangled in cords, plugging and unplugging extension leads, or lugging heavy mowers around steep slopes is now a thing of the past. STIGA Aero is the first cordless hover mower. It means you can mow small, level lawns easily and effortlessly. The recommended use is on fine grass, not too thick and not too tall; grass that is too tall and thick risks compromising the performance of the product. In optimal working conditions, Aero can cut up to 100 m2 with a single charge. The STIGA patented cutting deck “traps” the air and gives it a harder time exiting the deck, which makes the air pressure increase and therefore improves the lifting capacity of the whole mower. The special design of the blade, flat but with angled tips, is literally slicing the grass, without creating any disturbance to the air cushion underneath the deck. Blade and deck together optimise energy efficiency and cutting performance, for great results.

Power comes from two STIGA ePower 20V batteries, held in the battery compartment on the lower handlebar for easy access and improved weight balance. When you’re not using the STIGA Aero, you can switch the batteries with your other 1-series STIGA gardening tools – so you and the family can get on with other jobs.


Small, lightweight and incredibly easy to manoeuvre, this mower is designed for ultimate convenience. On-off handlebar control means there’s no fiddling with cutting heights or blade speeds. And when you’re finished, just hang it from a nail on the wall or simply fold it away in a corner. Batteries and charger included.

This model comes with a 2-year warranty.



Aero 132e Kit Cordless lawn mower

  • 2 Batteries
  • Battery charger


STIGA ePower

Smart, safety tested and synched with STIGA products, ePower is the next generation in batteries. Tests we run on ePower batteries are 5 times tougher than Industry standard requirements, to ensure the highest quality standards in terms of performance, reliability and battery health through time. Our batteries are efficient, as we optimised and secured the position of each individual cell; safe, as we created space to allow air to cool; and smart, as we we developed and tested the electronics and software that controls the cells. They power longer and live longer, thanks to a smart energy management operated by all machines and tools running on interchangeable ePower batteries.


Simple to use, easy to store

On-off handlebar control – so no fiddling with heights or speeds. When you’re finished, just hang it from a wall or fold neatly away.


Two shareable ePower batteries

Mow lawns up to 100sqm on one charge. You can also use our 20V batteries in your other 1-series STIGA gardening tools.


Lightweight and strong

Mowing sloping terrain shouldn’t be a pain in the back: STIGA Aero mows effortlessly on slopes and small lawns, up to 100 sqm.


STIGA Patented cutting deck

Using aeronautical engineering, it channels airflow to create the ideal cushion of air – optimising energy efficiency and cutting performance.


The first cordless hover mower

Don’t let a cable tie you down. The first battery-powered hover mower by STIGA gives you complete freedom. With a 750W motor for powerful performance.


Developed for all gardening newbies or those gardeners who want to act quick and achieve a certain gardening standard.

  • Lightweight tools
  • Easy to start, Easy to use and Easy to store
  • Simple and intuitive functions
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