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10 things you must demand when buying a mower

1. Machine inspected once assembled by someone qualified - is it too much to ask that the new machine that you have paid good money for is running as perfectly as it should be? The only way to ensure this is to have your machine assembled then inspected by a qualified person.

2. Being shown how to use it - get someone qualified to show you how to use it properly, this way you will get the most out of your new machine. Make sure they are on the end of the phone or able to come out and show you or a family members/ work colleague again if required.

3. Delivered to your door - you want your machine delivered directly to your door. No trying to fit in your car risking damaging your car and new mower, or your car smelling or petrol for the following week. You want someone to deliver your machine who is careful and can show you how it works. You also don't want to be waiting all day for someone who doesn't arrive.

4. Ready to useget your machine delivered ready to mow. All you should be required to do is start it then get mowing. That easy.


5. The right machine  - your requirements are unique, make sure your demand to be supplied the correct machine gets fulfilled.


6. Back up and support - your machine will come with a warranty, if something needs to be repaired under that warranty guarantee you want the company where you brought the machine from to do that repair. If you have technical questions or need your mower servicing can they do this for you? A good supply of parts and support for whichever brand of mower you choose is also key to your successful mower ownership.

7. Packaging recycled - a new mower shouldn't cost the earth. You want your mower packaging disposed of for you without the worry it is going to landfill or end up fly-tipped, a responsible supplier will recycle all your mower packaging.

8. A test mow. Try before you buyyou wouldn't buy a car without test driving it or a house without viewing it first. Before you commit to spending good money on your new mower, you want to look and get a feel of the machine and test whether it is right and is suited to you.

9. A local company - faster response time for you if something went wrong or you need help, better service & support facilities, can get you better deals, friendly more personal service. Make sure the company is well established and is there to stay.

10. Option to return, exchangeif you change your mind, don't get on with your new mower, or aren't happy with it you should be able to change it.

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