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Air-Seal tyre sealant & puncture preventer

Air-Seal tyre sealant & puncture preventer

SKU: 5060265170004

This sealant is based on technology, which is designed to greatly reduce the probability of punctures, or slow air leaks in vehicles used in both on and off road sporting and leisure activities. It also has an indefinite shelf life.


This sealant is supplied in 950ml bottles with a valve core tool, installation tubing and full instructions for use. A source of compressed air or a foot pump will be required to re-inflate the tyre after application. During installation avoid the sealant being swallowed or splashed in the eyes.

The installed cost for each tyre compares favourably with the repair of one puncture and avoids the inconvenience, time and effort involved while replacing the tyre.



Recommended application for all 13", 14" and 15" trailer tyres: 475ml/tyre.

This product is specially designed for boat trailers to inhibit conditions where high corrosion to wheels is due to immersion in coastal or river waters. It is also ideally suited for preventing most punctures and under inflation in tyres used for caravans, light trailers, horseboxes and other similar vehicles, which are not used regularly. In these circumstances, tyres can deteriorate due to rubber porosity and slow air leaks.


Most importantly it will reduce the risk of tyre failure and safety problems while on major roads. When this happens it causes stress for the drivers and their passengers and may be a potential hazard to themselves and other road users.



Recommended application for 8", 9", 10" and 11" wheel rims: up to 950ml/tyre.

Tyres, which are used for Quad Bikes and accessories.



Application rates will vary according to the vehicle: see Installation Instructions Table on the bottle.

Suitable for Golf Carts, Large Lawn Tractors, Wheel Barrows, Wheel Chairs and Bicycles , which can all, benefit from this sealant.

4x4 On-Off Road


Recommended application On Road 475ml/tyre, Off Road 950ml/tyre.

Apart from increasing the protection for the tyres of these vehicles from punctures, other smaller types of vehicles used in off road sports would also have additional tyre protection in the rigorous conditions, which have to be met in such activities.

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