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Morris 2 HSS 2 semi-synthetic 2 stroke oil

Morris 2 HSS 2 semi-synthetic 2 stroke oil

Ground Force 2HSS Synthetic boosted 2 - Stroke Oil

Groundforce 2HSS is a top quality synthetic boosted 2-stroke oil, utilising the latest performance additive technology, for protection and performance.


Key Features & Specification

Provides maximum film strength and anti-wear characteristics, for prolonging engine life. Groundforce 2HSS is a low smoke, clean burning lubricant and reduces the need for maintenance on ports and exhausts. Provides all season reliability for modern 2-stroke engines when used in horticultural or plant equipment. This lubricant has been developed to meet the need for a specialised product for horticultural contractors and hired equipment where a certain amount of severe treatment has to be catered for and where adherence to mixtures ratios cannot be guaranteed.


Groundforce 2HSS has been formulated for use in the engines of all two stroke powered horticultural equipment. This includes mowers, chain saws, chippers, shredders, scarifiers, weed cutters, strimmers and hedge cutters. Can also be used in other air-cooled engines powering abrasive disc cutters, angle grinders and general 2-stroke hire equipment. For premix the mixing process and ratios should be as detailed in the manufacturers handbook. Can also be used via a direct injection system.

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